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Cotinuing Professional Development

Melanie Jane

Perfume Specialist

Hello, I am Melanie Jane, a perfumer based in France, and I have been creating natural น้ำหอมs since 1998.
I have created a น้ำหอม for Carlsberg, developed a unique perfume making concept for Toyota, and designed perfumes for influencers and brands.
After an inspirational meeting with Jo Malone, I rebranded my bespoke range of natural perfumes.
Dubbed a “Fragrance Fairy” by my students, I am the founder of The Scent Academy, an online perfume training platform and have trained over 3,500 students worldwide. In Dubai I hosted perfume masterclasses, at prestigious venues like the Burj Al Arab, The Ritz-Carlton, Habtoor Palace, and Versace hotels.
Now I am coming to Bangkok to share my knowledge of perfume making with you!
It’s my mission to spread the word about the art of perfumery one class at a time!
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